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Hi! Welcome to the (temporary) home of the Three Piece Challenge. As this idea (because that's really all it is for now) gets fleshed out, expect changes and updates.

What is the Three Piece Challenge? Every two weeks a streamer will choose 3 track pieces (and 3 obstacles) and a map type, and anyone who would like to participate is invited to build the best possible map within those limitations.

At the end of the two weeks, that streamer will run the challenge maps, and declare a winner!

What does a winner get? Fuckall, for now. But maybe eventually I'll come up with something.

Thanks for your interest!

Current Challenge • Map Pieces • Guidelines • Participate

Challenge 1:

Date: Tuesday, April 27th - Tuesday, May 11th

Streamer: CamOnTheCob

Map Type: Death

Map Pieces:

Current Challenge
Map Pieces
0_0002_Layer 4.jpg
0_0004_Layer 2.jpg
0_0001_Layer 5.jpg
0_0003_Layer 3.jpg
0_0000_Layer 6.jpg
0_0005_Layer 1.jpg




3a.) Tube Entrance (INDUSTRIALTUBE Variant 0.0)

3b.) Tube Middle (INDUSTRIALTUBE Variant 1.0)
3c.) Tube Exit (INDUSTRIALTUBE Variant 5.0)


1.) Hammer (HAMMER)

2.) Spike Roller (HAIRCURLER)





  • Every piece (track and obstacle) must be utilized in a functional manner at least once

  • Streamer may request Start and End pieces, but those (and design features such as materials and skybox) are entirely up to you

  • No use of non-permitted track pieces in any manner, including for logo or other design

  • Minimum runtime: 30 seconds

  • Maximum runtime: 3 minutes

  • Maximum elimination for race: 3%

  • Maximum survival for yeet map: 3%

  • Map Name: T_____ P_____ Challenge

  • No pointing out that 3 track pieces and 3 obstacles is technically 6 pieces

  • If streamer chooses a piece (track or obstacle) that has variants, unless a specific variant is requested, only the piece(s) shown in the piece's icon may be utilized

  • Any variants that do not change the physical shape of a piece may be used at will

Are you a streamer that's interested in being the next Three Piece Challenge host, or a builder interested in participating? Come to the Three Piece Challenge chat in the Third Degree Entertainment Discord.

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