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Third Degree

Corey started Third Degree in 2015. At the time it was NRC Trivia - Not Real Cheese. He had a lot of fun playing trivia around town, but felt like something was missing. All the trivia was too clean, so when he got the opportunity to run trivia in a small dive bar, he went hard. Instead of being complimented for good guesses, players would be insulted for wrong ones. Disney Princess categories were replaced with porn stars. And if someone was caught cheating, or tried to argue, he'd call them out real quick.

Soon thereafter he started getting phone calls from other bars and restaurants looking to spice up their weeknights. His little trivia company got a life of its own and blossomed into Third Degree Entertainment; more than just trivia, Third Degree has become a full-fledged entertainment company providing the soundtrack to weddings, hosting drink and paint nights, encouraging drunks to sing karaoke, and so much more!

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