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Welcome to Quadrivia!

Quadrivia is put together by trivia writers and hosts from the Trivia Writer's Cooperative.

We use this podcast to shine a light on what's happening behind the scenes at your favorite trivia shows, and to keep ourselves entertained during the COVID-19 Pandemic. Hopefully we are entertaining you, as well!

Episode 19

OH. MY. GOD. We had THREE GUESTS on this episode, and apparently they're kind of a big deal. Listen to the episode to find out more about them. Here's the questions!

  1. A 1998 film starring Bruce Willis, and a battle that has yet to be fought on the fields of Megiddo. Armageddon

  2. 2 Engagements and an Unpleasant Stay in Hospital. 4 Weddings and a Funeral

  3. A settlement full of harlequins. Clown Town

  4. In evolutionary biology, two of the “Four F’s” are fleeing and procreation. What are the other two? Feeding and Fighting

  5. Curl up and _ (Beauty Salon) Dye

  6. Michelle Williams's first band, if they were creepy kids who murdered all the adults in their rural farm town. Destiny's Children of the Corn

  7. In which country is the town of Pripyat, which was permanently abandoned in 1986? Ukraine

  8. Always a bridesmaid, only occasionally a bride, which actor has failed to win 18 of her 21 nominations for the Best Actress/Best Supporting Actress Oscars? Meryl Streep

  9. “It's a pretty awful 1960's style concrete building. It's really nothing special at all. Save yourself the effort and view it from the bridge or harbour - the further away you are the less awful it looks.” Sydney Opera House

  10. In 1998, the man who discovered REM sleep – in which people dream – appears to have died in his sleep. This is unfortunate, because he was doing what at the time? Driving

Episode 18

Randall joined us! Check out his questions!

  1. What company spokesman known for his trademark outfit including horn-rimmed glasses was so commonly asked if he was real that in his book he states “I want to make it clear that I am real.”    Orville Redenbacher

  2. Name the Wes Anderson film about a family that sounds regal, but isn’t?    The Royal Tenenbaums

  3. What is the passive recreational activity of forcing the body to produce melanin to combat damage to DNA caused by ultraviolet radiation?    Sunbathing

  4. Comedian and actor David Atkins has performed under what mononymous stage name throughout his television and movie career. He chose the name as tribute to the exploits of a fictional middle-eastern mariner?    Sinbad

  5. What kind of Wizard is portrayed by Roger Daltrey both in the concept rock opera and subsequent film “Tommy”?    Pinball

  6. Now ambassador at large for international religious freedom, name the former governor of Kansas who left that office with one of the lowest ratings of any governor after instituting a massive tax cut known as The Kansas Experiment?    Sam Brownback

  7. What 1981 comedy is about an illegal race whose name they shortened and altered by removing the words “Baker Sea-To-Shining-Sea Memorial Trophy Dash”?    The Cannonball Run

  8. What sporting tool is common to cornhole and hackey sack?    Beanbag

Episode 17

We don't talk about it.

Episode 16

Our 16th episode happened. The guys had alcohol, played with webcams, y'all, I don't know why I am typing stuff on here. I mean, it made sense on the first episode that I did this for, because we were sharing some images. I don't know what else to share, though. Want to see the questions that Jeremy asked? Here you go!

  1. While only being introduced in November of 2019, what is the more common title give to the Disney+ Character "The Child", becoming an internet sensation and one of the top memes of the year?    Baby Yoda

  2. In what film would you find the following 3 actors:    Jurassic Park

  3. What U.S. Government Bureau was created on July 26th, 1947 when Harry S. Truman signed the National Security Act into law?    The CIA

  4. In what fictional city would you find the characters of Fred, Wilma, Barney, and Betty?    Bedrock

  5. What Television Personality, who hosted a popular talk show from 1991 through 2018, also has Lawyer, Actor, Musician, and Mayor of Cincinnati on his long résumé?    Jerry Springer

  6. What product, originally introduced in France in 1903, was made popular in the culinary world in 1911 when the company Tobler began wrapping its chocolate Bars in it?    Aluminum Foil

  7. Originally founded as a Spanish colony in 1706, what city is the biggest in its state, and also served as the backdrop to the hit AMC show, Breaking Bad?    Albuquerque

  8. What popular e-commerce website, headquartered in San Jose, CA, was founded by Pierre Omidyar in 1995 and is now ranked as the #8 Top-Rated Workplace according to Indeed?    Ebay

  9. According to a 2012 study done at Ohio State University, what specific population of people has grown to an estimated 251,000 in North America, after seeing an unexpected uptick in growth?    The Amish

  10. What do the nine previous answers all have in common?    All can be found in the title of songs by "Weird Al" Yankovic

Episode 15

On Episode 15 Jason, Jeremy, and Jeff were joined by Jeremy Cahnmann, from Brain Bash Trivia, making this our first All-Chicago episode! The topic was Science and Nature questions, and the guys shared what does and doesn't work, how awesome collective animal group names are, and horror stories. Also, I wasn't on this episode, and kind of forgot to listen to it earlier, so I'm actively listening to it, right now, at 2x speed listening for errors, issues, digressions, and things to talk about in this synopsis before I launch it in roughly 5 minutes. Maybe Jason will jump on later and make this more interesting. 😁

Episode 14

Episode 14 had Calvin, Corey, Erin, and Jeremy joined by Rob, who helps Erin over at Orange Cat. Before recording, Corey ate an edible and got progressively higher as it went. Surprisingly, our editor Ken was still able to put together a decent show! We talked mostly about the transition from trivia player to trivia host, and it was fun. Hope you enjoy listening to it!


Episode 13

Episode 13 was hosted by Corey, Erin, and Jason, with guest host Cheyenne from Questionable Company in Tulsa, Oklahoma. Our main topic of discussion is returning to live events, but we also get a little bit into the overall experience of post-lockdown trivia, and how we're dealing with it.

During the recording, Jason got bored and made this meme,

which Corey quickly updated with the relevant text from the recording.

And yes, that is Corey's face. In fact, that is Corey's face on Erin's water bottle.

During this episode, you may notice that Corey took over a lot. He made himself a whiskey and diet while we set up the stream, and his pour may have been a bit heavy. He apologizes for this.

Maybe we'll have him get high for the next recording. That's legal in Washington, so why not?

See you next week!